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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Family Matters: A Message by Brenda Kilpatrick

Family Matters: A Message by Brenda Kilpatrick

Navigating the Complexities of Family with Biblical Wisdom and Grace

In her sermon titled “Family Matters,” Brenda Kilpatrick addresses the complex and often challenging dynamics within families, drawing on biblical examples to illustrate the importance of love, forgiveness, and maintaining a pure heart despite dysfunction.

Introduction:   Brenda Kilpatrick begins by acknowledging the universal relevance of family issues, noting that the concept of family is central to the Bible, starting with Adam and Eve in Genesis. She explains that God’s original intention was for humanity to know Him and have a relationship with Him. However, dysfunction began early, as seen in the story of Cain and Abel, where jealousy led to murder.

Examples of Dysfunction in the Bible:

  1.  Joseph:
  • Joseph was favored by his father Jacob, which incited jealousy and hatred among his brothers. This favoritism led to Joseph being sold into slavery.
  • Despite his hardships, Joseph remained faithful and was eventually promoted to the second highest position in Egypt, under Pharaoh. He later forgave his brothers and saved his family during a famine.
  • Brenda Kilpatrick emphasizes that Joseph’s ability to forgive and maintain a good attitude exemplifies how God can use us when we keep our hearts right.

    2.   King David:

  • David’s story is marked by familial rejection and complexity. His mother, Nets of it, faced scorn due to doubts about her purity from her husband, Jesse.
  • Despite being an outcast, David was chosen by God and anointed by the prophet Samuel to be king. He maintained loyalty to his family, even ensuring his parents’ safety during his difficult times.
  • Brenda Kilpatrick highlights David’s forgiving nature and his focus on maintaining a right heart, which led to God calling him “a man after my own heart.”

    3. Jesus:

  • Even Jesus faced disbelief from his own brothers. On the cross, Jesus ensured his mother Mary’s care, demonstrating the importance of family responsibility.
  • Eventually, Jesus’ brothers came to believe and joined the early Christian community in prayer and supplication.
  • Brenda Kilpatrick underscores that Jesus’ experience with family rejection shows that He understands our struggles and calls us to love and forgive.

Issues That Divide Families:

  1. Religious Beliefs:
  • Differences in religious beliefs can cause significant rifts within families.   Brenda Kilpatrick advises young people to consider these differences seriously when choosing a partner to avoid future conflicts.
  • She recounts how the at the Brownsville Revival, when God was moving powerfully by His Spirit, caused divisions in families and congregations due to differing beliefs and practices.

     2. Divorce and Infidelity:

  • These issues lead to painful separations and family divisions. Only God can fully restore such broken relationships.

    3. Greed:

  • Greed, especially around inheritance, can divide families.   Brenda Kilpatrick shares personal experiences, emphasizing the importance of fairness and humility during such times.

    4.  Jealousy and Money:

  • Differences in financial success and education can foster jealousy and resentment.   Brenda Kilpatrick reminds the congregation that blessings come from loving and serving the Lord faithfully.

Personal Reflections and Advice:

  •  Brenda Kilpatrick shares personal anecdotes to illustrate the importance of forgiveness and maintaining a pure heart. She advises replacing negative thoughts about family members with positive ones and leaving judgment to God.
  • She emphasizes that no family is exempt from issues and that it is crucial to handle conflicts with maturity and love.


  • Brenda Kilpatrick calls for a renewed commitment to resolving family issues and loving one another. She believes that when we stand before Jesus, we will be judged by how much we loved those in our lives, not by our achievements or knowledge.
  • She concludes with a reminder that family matters deeply to God, and we should strive to embody His love and forgiveness in our family relationships.

Final Thought:

“Family matters because, in the end, love is what truly counts.”



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