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Michele Bachmann

LISTEN NOW! In this interview with Congressman Michele Bachmann with Glenn Beck on The Blaze TV she reveals how our President and his leadership are allegedly telling the FBI and all our law enforcement agencies to “purge” their records, libraries and investigations of anything that has to do with radical Islam and how our representatives who are standing up against this demanding an investigation are being targeted by the Council of American-Islamic Relations, CAIR. She says, Islam has infiltrated the American Government, Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, Federal Burial of Investigations, FBI, White House, Home Land Security and more.  Glenn Beck states that CAIR, Council of American-Islamic Relations is targeting legislators like Michele Bachmann who stand up for America and how there needs to be transparency and an investigation for this to be stopped.  She also shares how our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s assistant Huma Abedin, whose father, who is now deceased, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and her mother was in a tight circle of Muslim Brotherhood women and now she is the assistant to the United States Secretary of State.  Finally she speaks of how President Obama invites a known terrorist into the White House to negotiate another known terrorist release from prison.  

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