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Reformat Your “Heart Drive”


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Greg, John, and Pat discuss how the Church is called to step out of the crowd and go against the grain.  C.S Lewis said “To be right with God has often meant to be in trouble with men.”  It’s a time for the Church get back to dying for the cause of Christ.  It’s time for heroes to rise up and to no longer conform to the patterns of this world.  We are called to be nonconformists; the church is not to be a sub culture to the world but a counter culture.  In order to take a nation for Christ we must first start with ourselves and be transformed.  Being transformed in our mind is what we think, want, and feel to what God thinks, wants, and feels.  This will take a process and through discipleship this transformation can begin in our lives   freeing us from everything that is religious and void of God.  We need to reformat our “heart drives”.   It’s okay to begin again on a right foundation.  It is a time to cry out to God in humility and start a new dumping of everything that comes from a spirit of religion and beginning with a foundation in Jesus Christ alone.

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