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United Nations September 24-27 2012


LISTEN NOW! John and Greg discuss the General Assembly at the United Nations this week, September, 24-27, 2012.  They discuss that although President Obama will be speaking at the United Nations and as will Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.  President Obama refuses to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu.  Not to mention that of all days the President Ahmindegad of Iran will be speaking on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement!  Time is ticking as P.M. Netanyahu makes his appeal to the world for agreement of a red line to be drawn regarding the nuclear weapon they are making to launch into Israel.    We are living in an accelerated time in which so many significant world events are happening almost daily.  The Church must remain awake, watchful, and prayerful and unashamedly stand with Israel.  Also mentioned in this highlight is the Clinton Global Initiative, headed by President Clinton and his presence on the world stage and as mentioned in previous VFNRadio programs, it is being said he is called President of the World.
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Praying For President Obama

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