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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat share that, with only 17 days until the election, it’s not about voting for parties or a person but it’s about voting our values.  They continue to discuss what Dr. Aveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many other Christian leaders such as Bishop EW Jackson, and Dr. Tony Evans are all saying it’s time to vote God’s values not parties.  They continue to share how important it is as a believer and as a citizen in the Republic of the United States of America to play an active role in getting educated on the policies and on the candidates in terms of their values to ensure they are the same as your values.  The United States of America because it’s a republic, a representative form of government, ensures that all citizens, Americans, have equal representation in government.

Word of knowledge,“We should vote and pray for those to be in authority which will give us a society that will be most conducive to us being able to spread of the Gospel.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Dr. King’s Niece- Dr. Alveda King
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