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Humility is the Key to Empathizing with Others who are not like Us


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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat speak about racism and how we, as Christians, need to empathize with African Americans and other minorities and not ignore events in history that have played a role in what  African Americans and other minorities have faced and are still facing today.  They continue to speak about how the 1960’s didn’t end well with the assassinations of President John F Kennedy, his brother Senator Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  As they discussed they also spoke about how racism is still in the church and recounted an event that occurred that was previously aired On VFNRadio regarding how a white Christian woman in a particular church gathering called the police on a young African American Christian male, Derrick Grice, telling the police officer that there is a male in the parking lot and she was concerned about him breaking into their cars.   As Derrick says this is the same person who he worshiped with, prayed with and sat on the same pews.   Although we may come from different nations and ethnicitys as believers we are part of a new nation.  We are the family of God and that is what matters.  We are brothers and sisters and as the church we make a beautiful rainbow of diversity.

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