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It’s just time to Make Your BED; Repentance, a Simple Look

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LISTEN NOW! A mother repeatedly tells a 10 year old boy to make his bed and the boy repeatedly does not obey his mother.  One day she gives the boy consequences for not obeying her when she asked him to make his bed.  The young boy begins to say how sorry he was, begs for leniency, and even says it won’t happen again, but the mother knows that this recent sorrow was because of the consequences and not because the child was truly sorry for not making his bed.  The boy makes the bed for a day and then goes back to not making it.  Greg, John, and Pat share that this is how many in the church view repentance.  If we love God we will honor him and do what he wants us to do and not do what he doesn’t want us to do.  When we disobey him it shouldn’t be a common occurrence but occurrences that are rare.  It doesn’t matter how much you cry, complain and the state of your brokenness if when it’s all said and done you haven’t repented.  Just like the boy in the example, repentance was him doing what he was asked to do from his heart. So it is with us.  If you are a believer it all starts with you.  It’s time to honor God and repent from sin by honoring God with our obedience and not just with words.


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