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LG Funny or Not so Funny?


screen capture from youtube.com LG UK

Greg, John and Pat share a laugh as they discuss LG’s new commercial about the image quality of their screens.  The screens are installed on the floor of an elevator when someone enters the elevator a video plays on the screen giving the illusion that the tiles have fallen off and there are going down an elevator shaft.  Enjoy this humor moment.

The electronics manufacturer LG wanted to show customers just how realistic their screens can be. What better way to do this than to scare the living daylights out of them — and probably create a few elevator phobias in the process– by making it look like the elevator floor was falling out from below their feet.  In a new ad “So Real it’s Scary,” LG installed its IPS monitor screens as the floor in an elevator. Then it filmed the reaction of lift riders as the “floor tiles” with full on audio seemed to break and fall down the shaft

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