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Home » Overly Confident on Training Day?

Overly Confident on Training Day?

 LISTEN NOW!  Greg shares a humor moment of when he was a young deputy in training and was happy about riding with a seasoned police professional.  He was confident because of the many years of experience and knowledge this deputy possessed and that he would learn so much just from being with him.  He continues to share how once when they were together they were radioed regarding a possible burglary.  Greg recounts how he felt so good being able to go on this call with a pro.  So the seasoned deputy walked through the door of the mobile home first and Greg follows but then all of a sudden they heard a loud bang.   As a result the deputy runs out of the home so fast that he scrapes against Greg as he runs out of the mobile home stripping all of Greg’s pins and badges off of his uniform.  They find out later the bang came from a cat that jumped from the counter and landed on the linoleum floor.  Enjoy this Humor moment. 


Courtesy of yuyangc/

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