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Super Storm, Hurricane Sandy, God has Foretold

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Greg, John, and Pat share regarding the Super Storm that is headed up the east coast.  They pray God’s protection for everyone who is in harm’s way.  They continue to discuss how the Lord has prophetically spoken to us regarding the Super Storm and different weather patterns and conditions that will be happening in the future.   The hurricane (Super Storm) is headed to New Jersey and NYC where much preparation has taken place in advance of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.   Many businesses are closed, flights have been cancelled, mandatory evacuations have been ordered, and shelters have been opened.  Life is very fragile when we look back at previous storms of the past.  Most of these storms did not last long but in the end they left massive devastation in their wake.  If God just took his little finger off of us where would we be?  We need to honor God.  They also discuss tips and wisdom to be applied for making it through the storm.

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