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Unity is not for Unity’s sake

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Greg and John talk about how unity is not for unity’s sake.  For the church, unity is based on Jesus and the church is Jesus’ bride.  For America, unity is allegiance to the constitution.  We are going to have to unify on the original intent of America.  We are learning together about the constitution and its importance to America but true church in our nation can only happen when the church gets united.  They continue to discuss a prophetic revelation Rick Joyner wrote about in the Torch and the Sword.  He describes a vision he had in which he had this great sword and wanted to use it and swing at something.  He swung at a tree and cut it down.  What he realized that what he did was not only irreversible but the absence of the tree aloud evil to immediately take its place.  He realized that even the most struggling work that wasn’t seemingly doing much, but it was holding ground.  They are holding a “light” space in our nation.  We are called to love the church and to speak truth in love.  If you touch God’s people you are touching God.

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