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Re-Thinking Church – We Made it Up


LISTEN NOW!  Greg, John, and Pat continue a conversation regarding “Re-Thinking” Church.  Throughout this conversation they discuss the book entitled Worn out on Church? RevolutionFinding Vibrant Faith Beyond The Walls of the Sanctuary written by George Barna.  In this book George Barna shares statistics regarding the condition of the church and challenges us to reconsider what and why we do certain things in the church.   “We should keep in mind what we call “church” is just one interpretation of how to develop and live a faith-centered life. We made it up.  It may be healthy or helpful, but it not sacrosanct” says George Barna.  Greg, John, and Pat share and discuss stats spoken of in George’s book and continue a dialogue encouraging us in this conversation by challenging us to Re-Think church.   George shares in regards to the state of churched Christians in the following statistics:

–  “The bi-weekly attendance at worship services is, by believers’ own admission, generally the only time they worship God.
–   Eight out of every ten believers do not feel they have entered into the presence of God or experienced a connection with Him, during the worship service.
–   Half of all believers say they do not feel they have entered into the presence of God or experienced a genuine connection with Him during the past year.
–   Church Christians give away an average of about 3 percent of their income and feel pleased at their “sacrificial” generosity.
–   In a typical week, only one out of every four believers will allocate some time to serving other people.  Most of that time is dedicated to volunteering in church programs that serve congregants; little effort is invested in serving needy people outside the congregation.
“The point here is simply to recognize that if we place all our hope in the local church, it is misplaced hope.  Many well-intentioned pastors promote this perspective by proclaiming, “The local church is the hope of the world.”  Like most advertising slogans, this notion is emotionally appealing.  The trouble is the sentiment is not biblical.  Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the hope of the world” says George Barna.  Greg, John, and Pat share that the church has gotten this way because we have made something up and the thing we made up we are lifting it up above God even at the consequence of the church itself.  They encourage VFNRadio listeners that time is limited it just takes one man, one woman to make a difference. If that is you and you are willing to just simply “be” the church and desire to have a genuine relationship with the Lord and be used in the harvest then maybe VFNU is for you.  Jesus Christ alone is the hope of the world.




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