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VFNRadio Broadcast Second Hour March 26,2013



      WATCH & Listen: Supreme Court set to Define Marriage; who is this really about?
Greg, John and Pat discuss how the Supreme Court is set to define marriage.  This case has the potential to change history.  They continue to discuss that where we are in America is not about people who have same sex attractions but about the Church.  At the present time 50% of the marriages in the church are ending in divorce.  The church does not have the right to dictate to the world how marriage should be when even 80% of Christian’s second marriages are ending in divorce.  Some Christian women are ruling over their husbands and some Christian husbands are seduced by PMS; power, money and sex.  They continue to share that when you see calamity upon calamity coming upon the earth it’s time to look up and repent.  It’s time to obey the Lord and respond to Jesus.  If He says jump then jump, If He says move you move; if He says switch then you have switched.  Honor Him as the Lord of your life.


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