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VFNRadio Second Hour April 19, 2013



God and Hitler: Hitler’s plan not only to kill Jews but Christians too

Greg, John and Pat discuss Hitler’s plans not only to kill Jews but Christians too.  Hitler was a man like any other man just like Judas yet they allowed Satan to enter them.  That same spirit that took over Hitler is now running rampant with Iran’s leaders.  They played a segment from CBN entitled, “God and Hitler”; in this segment they discuss how Hitler’s speeches were filled with hope and referenced often the Bible and God.  They share how he was an altar boy in the Catholic Church and allegedly at one point wanted to be a priest.  Just because Hitler was a church member doesn’t mean he was a Christian.  The Catholic Church made a covenant with Hitler where he promised them religious freedom.  He deceived them and said that Catholics and Protestants must vanish from our people. In 1942 Hitler banned the Bible and confiscated them and created his own state church where no pastors or clergy could speak only someone from the state. Bibles were replaced with a bible he printed removing the Ten Commandments and replacing them with 12 commandments of his own and he replaced the cross with a Swastika.  Hitler even had a hymn written to glorify him where the school children would sing, Adolph Hitler is our God and Savior.  They continue to discuss the same progressive agenda trying to take root right before our eyes here in the U. S.   His whole goal was to de-Christianize the church; isn’t that Satan’s goal today?
Final Pope is Here? The Vatican and Aliens: Part 4 of 10
Greg, John and Pat and discuss the 4th part of 10 segments about how the Final Pope is Here? The Vatican and Aliens.  Sid Roth continues the fourth part of his interview with the author of Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana Thomas Horn.  The authors Chris Puttnam and Thomas Horn write in their book Exo-Vaticana about how the Vatican has a very large interest in Extra Terrestrial life on other planets and are accommodating their theology.  In this fourth part Thomas shares the events that led them to write this second book.  The Vatican is interested in Extra-Terrestrial evangelism.  Thomas Horn shares a never been told family secret that so confirms what he writes in his book.  It appears based upon their investigation and study that the Pope will encourage the Catholic Church to worship the anti-Christ.  Although some Catholics don’t believe this to be true these are beliefs the authors have spent years and much research and this is a result of their work.  The Pope made a covenant with Hitler in which they were deceived; it appears that another deception is unfolding.

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