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Home » A Muslim woman’s amazing Journey from Islam to Jesus Christ

A Muslim woman’s amazing Journey from Islam to Jesus Christ


LISTEN NOW! John, Steve and Pat discuss Zamzam‘s testimony, a woman who converted from Islam to Christianity when she came in contact with the revelation of God’s love.  They talk about her journey and how she had a yearlong Bible study and then did a comparative study between the Koran and the Bible.  What she realized was that the Bible spoke about God’s love where she says that the Koran does not.  She decided to pray personally to God and asked Him to reveal himself to her and she says that it was like her mouth was unlocked and all the scriptures she had read came out of her.  She was a seeker, she had questions and she found her answers in the Bible and came to know Jesus Christ. They continue to share their powerful encounters with God when they prayed the single most powerful prayer that anyone can pray that Jesus will absolutely answer.  Jesus please reveal yourself to me.   John shares how this one prayer changed his life and he was never the same.  They encourage others to take the time and make the effort that Zamzam did to encounter Jesus Christ.  He is worth the time and the effort and if you pray with a sincere heart for Him to reveal himself to you, He will. 


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