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Are you Materially Rich and Spiritually Poor?


LISTEN NOW! John, Pat, Steve, and Chris discuss former Tiananmen Square leader who was driven to exile and to faith in Jesus Christ and her statement regarding China.  She said that China was materially blessed and spiritually poor.   They continued to speak about the condition of America and the Church at large and how America and the church have been so blessed in every way but especially in terms of wealth and especially compared to the rest of the world.  At the same time we have seen a moral decline.  What good is to have all the material possessions without God?  They continue to discuss that God doesn’t mind you having things but He certainly minds things having you.  This should not be.  Many have pursued riches and have abandoned their spirituality in terms of having a relationship with God.  The Bible is clear when it says you can’t serve both God and money Mathew 6:24.  They encourage us as the Bible does to give thought to our ways and to evaluate whether we are materially rich and spiritually poor and if we are to repent and turn to God.


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