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Just a Mustard Seed of Faith is all you need


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LISTEN NOW!  John, Pat and Chris discuss how all you need is just a mustard size seed of faith.  Jesus describes the kingdom of God much like a mustard seed; very small in the beginning but when planted in the ground it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants.  Faith is like a mustard seed, it has enormous potential to grow and do big things but it only works when it is planted in the ground.  Faith works when faith is planted and faith is planted when action is taken.  When the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith Jesus didn’t say sure no problem but instead told them that if they have faith a small as  mustard they can tell a mountain to move from one place and go to another Matthew 17:20.  The emphasis is not on how much faith you have but rather the exercise of the faith that you do have.

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