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The Power of Incubating Faith

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss the power of incubating Faith.  Christians are called to be men and women of faith.  How many believers actually know what faith is?  Many operate by what they know instead of the state of faith.  They continue to discuss how things are conceived in the spiritual realm before they show up in the natural realm.  Just like babies go through a development process while in the womb the same is true of what you are birthing in the spiritual realm.   Faith has a period of incubation.  They continue to discuss four phases and the importance of going from one phase to another without skipping.  The first phase involves envisioning a clear cut vision; the second is having a burning passion for the thing you are believing for; thirdly praying for assurance, and fourthly speaking the word out.  They continue to share the importance the first step is in having a clear cut vision.  You will have to do the ground work to conceive in your heart.  It’s the blue print that you have incubated, prayed for and spoke out that will come to pass but it all starts out with a clear cut vision.

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