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Detroit is making a Comeback but this Time with God



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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss how Detroit is making a comeback from bankruptcy but this time with God.  Detroit filed bankruptcy in the month of July 2012.  Detroit a city that was known for Motown and the motor city is now coming to be known as a dead zone an urban wasteland.  The city of Detroit has now over 45,000 abandoned and burned down houses, a joblessness rate of 50% and it now has a murder rate higher than the country of Columbia.  They continue to discuss how this is the future of America unless we repent.  Things are so bad in Detroit that many of the police are leaving the city with the city already losing 1,000 police officers.  The city is now 18 billion dollars in debt.  They continue to discuss how church leaders have gathered in the city to bring back Detroit but this time with God.   Church leaders are gathering and praying for racial reconciliation dealing with the root issues that did not welcome God in the city.  The city has turned to everything else; it’s encouraging to see the city now turn to God.

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