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Givers and Takers; Which one are you?


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  LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Chris share that from the time a child is born to the time they mature into adulthood parents teach their children the importance of sharing and giving.  When children are toddlers they think that everything belongs to them and are very possessive however, every good parent knows that the child must grow out of that.  They discuss how sometimes children as adults remain possessive of things and money and have never known the blessing it is to be a giver.  In life people can fall into two camps; they are either “givers” or they are “takers”.    One of the greatest ways we can emulate God and follow His example is to do what He did.  God the Father gave His Son, and Jesus gave his life and in turn we give our lives to Him.  When we truly give our hearts to God we are empowered to give him everything because our focus is no longer on ourselves but on God.    


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