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Ohio Man RAISED from the Dead

screen capture from youtube.com/Abdirizakxiireey

LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss how an Ohio man has been raised from the dead.  According to CBN a thirty seven year old man Tony Yahle has come back to life after being dead for 45 minutes.  It is being reported that he had difficulty breathing and went into cardiac arrest.  After 45 minutes trying to save his life he was pronounced dead by doctors.  Just when you think it is over God always has the last word.  Many of his family members were praying as his pastor.  Pastor Santoro rebuked the spirit of death over Tony and called his son Lawrence back into the room.   Lawrence, “Refusing to accept his father’s death, Lawrence said something extraordinary: “I said, ‘Dad, you’re not going to die.'”  It has been reported that almost immediately Tony’s body began to show signs of life and within five days he fully awoke without any pains in his body.  They continue to discuss the power and glory of God.  Jesus told his disciples greater things will you do because I go to the father.  Bold faith filled words spoke life right back into Tony’s body.  They encourage us to refuse to accept any negative report as final and to go to God with everything and allow God to have the last word. 


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