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VFNRadio First Hour August 26, 2013

Muslims and Christians Stand together in U.S. against the Muslim Brotherhood
LISTEN NOW!  Greg, John and Pat discuss how Muslims and Christians are standing together to protest not just what the Muslim Brotherhood are doing in Egypt but President Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood as well.   The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is killing Christians and burning Churches.   CBN reports protesters comments “”Don’t support terrorists!” protestor Hale Salem said, “Don’t support terrorists! Please, Mr. Obama I voted for you — don’t support terrorists.”
They continued to share that this is what we needed; peaceful Muslims that would speak out and against those Muslims that do harm to people all over the world, namely Christians and Jews. 

You Can Position Yourself Before God

 Greg, John and Pat discuss how you can position yourself before God.  Everything is father filtered.  God is more powerful than what is coming against us.  They continue to discuss how we can position ourselves so that God can help us.  Positioning ourselves before God is how we can face impossible odds with God.  This is something King Jehoshaphat did well when a vast army was coming against him.  They continue to encourage us that no matter the “vast” thing we face in life, family, illness, economic, relational we can do what Jehoshaphat did and that was position him before God.  He humbled himself and abided with God listening and doing whatever God told him to do.  If we humble ourselves and position ourselves before God
then possibly if he wills; He can give us victory. 

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