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VFNRadio Second Hour August 26, 2013

    Dr. Ben Carson: America the Beautiful
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss Dr. Ben Carson’s book, America the Beautiful.   They discuss Dr. Carson’s books has he shared good outside the box solutions to fix some of the problems we are facing in America.  They continue to share how this is a good book to help you get a broader perspective on the issues that face America so that you can ask those seeking to serve in public office; what are their plans for empowering the poor?  He shares possible solutions to food stamps and health care and shares how one of the ways to bring justice to America is to do so in the economy.  No matter the solutions one of themes Dr. Carson emphasizes in his book is the need for sacrifice.
Fathers in the Home Make the Difference


Greg, John and Pat discuss how fathers in homes make the difference as they share the fine work of Dr. James Dobson and the ministry he founded, Focus on the Family.   They discuss a study that pointed to a reality that fathers need to be present in the home amongst the family to make a big difference.  It is their presence in the home amongst the family for the attributes of the father to come out.   There are many theories but those theories on fatherhood go aside until you actually become one and walk it out.  If the father gets pulled out the home what’s on the inside of him becomes very difficult to be released.    We can’t allow the father to be pulled out of the picture.

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