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VFNRadio Second Hour August 30, 2013

The Glory of God
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat discuss the glory of God.   They discuss the account of when Jesus attended a wedding celebration and his mother informed him they had run out of wine.  Jesus instructed his disciples to pour water into jars.  When they poured from the jars what came out was wine.  This was the first revealing of God’s glory.  Every time God answers prayer; that is the revealing of His glory.  They share some “glory stories”, testimonies about the revealing of God’s glory.  TV delivery men prayed for, Woman has divine encounter and receives prayer in front of her own home, Woman received prayer for eye and was healed, Man received prayer while having heart attack and reports later he was healed.  If you are in the gulf coast region join the dream at the Vine Fellowship gathering or join us live vfntv.com
    We are Soo Blessed; Time to Acknowledge God
Greg, John and Pat discuss how we are so blessed and our need to acknowledge God.  They continue to encourage us to be open to God’s provision in our lives.  They continue to discuss the many conveniences we use every day that are huge blessings to us.  They discuss the blessing of having indoor plumbing and water that is safe to drink.  The fact the many enjoy shelter; a place to live that keeps them from being exposed to the weather.  They continued to discuss a television program called Downtown Abbey that showed what life was like in England during different times in history and how the people of the day adapted to new technologies that many today take for granted.  God has so blessed us and it is so important for us to take the time to acknowledge God.  We can live the rest of our lives living in gratitude for all the Lord has done for us. 
    Detroit is making a Comeback but this Time with God


Greg, John and Pat discuss how Detroit is making a comeback from bankruptcy but this time with God.  Detroit filed bankruptcy in the month of July 2012.  Detroit a city that was known for Motown and the motor city is now coming to be known as a dead zone an urban wasteland.  The city of Detroit has now over 45,000 abandoned and burned down houses, a joblessness rate of 50% and it now has a murder rate higher than the country of Columbia.  They continue to discuss how this is the future of America unless we repent.  Things are so bad in Detroit that many of the police are leaving the city with the city already losing 1,000 police officers.  The city is now 18 billion dollars in debt.  They continue to discuss how church leaders have gathered in the city to bring back Detroit but this time with God.   Church leaders are gathering and praying for racial reconciliation dealing with the root issues that did not welcome God in the city.  The city has turned to everything else; it’s encouraging to see the city now turn to God.

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