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We are Soo Blessed; Time to Acknowledge God

Courtesy of  Courtney Johnson/Shutterstock.com
    LISTEN NOW!  Greg, John and Pat   discuss how we are so blessed and our need to acknowledge God.  They continue to encourage us to be open to God’s provision in our lives.  They continue to discuss the many conveniences we use every day that are huge blessings to us.  They discuss the blessing of having indoor plumbing and water that is safe to drink.  The fact the many enjoy shelter; a place to live that keeps them from being exposed to the weather.  They continued to discuss a television program called Downtown Abbey that showed what life was like in England during different times in history and how the people of the day adapted to new technologies that many today take for granted.  God has so blessed us and it is so important for us to take the time to acknowledge God.  We can live the rest of our lives living in gratitude for all the Lord has done for us.  

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