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Glory Story: Rudy healed from dislocated shoulder


LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat and Steve share about how God revealed His glory upon Steve’s roommate Rudy. While playing basketball, Rudy dislocated his shoulder that he had previously done years ago. After hearing about Rudy’s injury, Steve asked Rudy if he could pray for him. After doing so and declaring in faith that Rudy would be healed, Rudy was able to move his arm. While praying Rudy shared to Steve that he was concerned that he would have to get corrective surgery. In faith, Steve responded, asking God to not only heal his shoulder but to strengthen it better than it was before the first dislocation that the doctors wouldn’t even be able to recognize any sign of a previous dislocation so that Rudy would not need to surgery. A few days later that is exactly what God did as Rudy didn’t need the surgery. WHAT IS THIS? IT’S THE GLORY OF GOD!!!
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