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God of the Harvest


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how God is the God of the Harvest.  They continue to discuss how every harvest both spiritual and physical all belong to God.   This is a “holiday” that glorifies Baal and darkness where millions of wasted dollars are spent every year.  The Bible tells us that Jezebel and Ahab worshipped Baal, the false god, who claimed to be god of the harvest.  The Bible describes a show down between Elijah, God’s prophet and the prophets of Baal to prove who is the true God of the harvest.  Of course God shows himself strong as the true God of the harvest.   They continue to discuss that when we are not tithing to God you are worshiping Baal as the God of the harvest.   This fall season is not a time to glorify darkness but instead a time to remember the Lord as the God of the Harvest.  It is a time of expressing our appreciation and thanks to the Lord.  There is hope for America when we repent and turn to God as God of the harvest.  One of the things we can do that they discussed is to take overt action when it comes to the day when many are celebrating darkness and bring darkness to your door.  They encourage us to be proactive and make up some baskets with fruit from the harvest with some candy sprinkled in, that does not have dark images, and give them to a few of your surrounding neighbors as a “LIGHT” testimony of God’s provision and faithfulness.

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