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Home » Spectacular Spectacles for SPECK Watching?

Spectacular Spectacles for SPECK Watching?

by Oleg

LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Pat discuss what happens when we judge on today’s segment “Spectacular Spectacles for Speck Watching.”  They discuss how many programs there are today that involve judges giving their critiques, opinions, and judgments to the program contestants.  They make statements and formulate their opinions in a matter of seconds and delivering them with conviction.   The same is true for some sports fans as they judge every play and criticize the players who are actually on the field.  Unfortunately we can wind up doing the same thing as we judge situations and people all around us.  To judge means to form a critical judgment.  Unless you have the authority to pass judgment you should stay clear from casting judgments.  Matthew 7:1-5 instructs us to not to judge because in the same we judge we will receive judgment.  The scripture continues to underscore the importance of not watching and/or looking for specks, tiny issues, in others while we ignore large plank issues in our own eyes.  They encourage us to rid ourselves of spectacular (big) spectacles (glasses) for speck (tiny issues in others) watching.  When we lend ourselves to watching we become vulnerable to criticizing and fault finding toward others.  God has not called us to find fault.  We are called to love.   Mother Theresa once said” if we spend all of our time judging people we won’t have any time to love them.”

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