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Home » Ukrainians STAND UP for Freedom: God Answers Prayers

Ukrainians STAND UP for Freedom: God Answers Prayers


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LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat discuss how Ukrainians have stood for freedom and ousted the current President.  They continue to discuss how Russian President Vladamir Putin has tried to take over Ukraine. According to CBN the former president of Ukraine is a fugitive from justice Monday. The country’s interim government issued an arrest warrant for Viktor Yanukovich after the mass killings of civilians last week. “Christians were praying on Independence Square,” Pastor Kaluzhny said. “We were praying in our churches. People around the world were praying for us, and God did a miracle! Ukraine is a new country.”  The exciting thing is that a Christian leader is emerging.  It has been tragic and many have died but it is good for people to stand up for freedom.  They continued to discuss how a prominent evangelical Christian has been picked to be the interim President until elections in May.   The congress heard that the people don’t want to be up under that oppression.  We are watching freedom.  We see a people who want to stand up and do what they can to be free.  You just can’t hand over your country to Russia.  It’s what our founding founders have done in our own country.  We have a representative government to represent the rights of the people.  They encourage us by reminding us of how bad the situation was in Ukraine.  They could have given up and said “Oh Well” but they didn’t.  Instead they pressed in and the church in Ukraine prayed as well as Christians all over the world.  They further discussed how the Ukraine used to be the bread basket of the world.  The people rose up and demanded change but at the same time standing for freedom can cost you and for some of those who stood up in Ukraine, it did.  People every day in America lay down their lives for freedom.  It’s okay to pledge your allegiance to your country but as Christians we pledge our allegiance first to Jesus we can be proud of our relationship with God.  We must never forget it’s going to cost you something.  They continue to encourage us about the blessing that we have in America and how it’s not illegal for you to support the laws of the land.  We are a nation of laws.  They encourage us to look at what happened in Ukraine and remember the freedom that we have in our country and to stand up for the rights that are afforded to us in the Constitution and to encourage our representatives to do the same.  


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