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VFNRadio First Hour February 11, 2014


      President Obama Calls for the Release of Imprisoned  Pastor Saeed in Iran
LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss how President Obama’s recent call for Pastor Saeed to be released from an Iranian prison at the National Prayer Breakfast.  The president’s remarks came at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. which was attended by 3,000 Americans from across the country.  CBN reports the President Obama said the following “”We pray for Pastor Saeed Abedini,” the President said. “He’s been held in Iran for more than 18 months, sentenced to eight years in prison on charges related to his Christian beliefs.   And as we continue to work for his freedom, again we call on the Iranian government to release Pastor Abedini so he can return to the loving arms of his wife and children in Idaho.”  They continued to share how this can be a significant turning point in the campaign to see Pastor Saeed released since he has been imprisoned for nearly a year and half.  They continue to encourage us to pray and to stand for persecuted Christians all over the world.  We must not forget them.  They further discuss how we can remain informed regarding Pastor Saeed at ACLJ.
          Inching Closer to  the “Beast Economy” with a Chip and Pin for Future Credit Cards
John and Pat discuss how we are inching closer to the “beast economy” with a chip and pin for future credit cards as a proposed way for making credit card transactions more secure.   According to Fox News, “A series of hacks at two major retailers over the Christmas shopping season has so startled the U.S. retail sector that it is rushing to catch up, technologically, with Kenya in terms of security.”  It has been said that because of security concerns this new chip and pin technology to be placed in credit cards will not only do away with the black strip on the back of the credit cards resulting in the chip encrypting data differently for each transaction.  They further discuss how with every new scare it seems that many people in today’s society are willing to give up more of their rights and privacy   even if under the guise of safety.  They encourage us to seek the wisdom and direction of God always as we are inching closer to a beast economy that is mentioned in Revelation 13.  They encourage us to watch, pray and seek the Lord by placing our hope only and fully upon Him.  When we enter into an abiding relationship with the Lord He begins to unveil and unfold to us what we need to know and what to do with what He tells us.  

           Israel Unveils New Unmanned Fighting Boat To Patrol Israel’s Shores
 John and Pat discuss Israel’s latest weaponry in protecting Israel’s shore.  They discuss what is called a USV, Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle also known as “Katana” according to the Jerusalem Post.    It functions a lot like an unmanned drone airplane with the difference it’s a boat.  According to the “Jerusalem Post”, “IAI’s, Israel’s Aerospace Industries Katana is a multifunctional vessel and “marine system” that provides various capabilities such as advanced communications, weapons systems and varied payloads.”  They continue to discuss that Israel will do what it has to do to defend itself and no one should underestimate the willingness and capability to do so.  They encourage us to continue to pray for Israel and not to dismiss the eerie silence that is coming from the Middle East at the moment.  They remind us to stay alert and to watch and pray.



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