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VFNRadio Second Hour February 13, 2014


The Blinding Nature of PRIDE!
LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss the blinding nature of pride.  They further discuss a television program based upon a concept that revolves around struggling restaurant owners and a top chef that comes in to save the day with his expertise not only in the kitchen but his ability to see what is wrong with all aspects of the business and providing the necessary solutions for its success.  They continue to discuss one episode in which the owner/operator of the restaurant was very prideful and did not agree with many of the chef’s evaluations and subsequent recommendations.  The owner would not simply accept that his food quality was poor and the chef went to great lengths to show him where he was wrong.  The owner would eventually humble himself and acknowledge and accept what the chef was telling him.  Everyone around the owner; his family members and employees could see the error of his prideful way except him until he humbled himself.  They continue to discuss the parallel between so many who walk in pride like the owner did.  When we lend ourselves to pride and allow it to infiltrate our heart we are on a slippery slope that results in blindness and then deception.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 16:18 that “Pride goes before destruction a haughty spirit before a fall.”  God instructs us to humble ourselves and he will lift us up, 1 Peter4:5.  The truth is that if we do God’s job and we lift ourselves up then He has to do our job and bring us down.  The only place for us to be is lower still.
 If we are not Grateful Now We Definitely will be Grateful Later

 John and Pat discuss how if we are not grateful now we will definitely be grateful later.  They continue to discuss how important it is to embrace an attitude of gratitude and not take for granted all of the wonderful blessings the Lord has provided for us.  Many in the United States don’t express their gratitude because they feel entitled to things.  America is such a blessed land that many eat until their hearts are content without ever taking a moment to truly and sincerely take time to thank God and be grateful and appreciative for the food they eat.  They further discuss how it is reported that 1 in 6 Americans go to bed hungry every night as well as nearly 1 billion people around the world.  Lord, forgive us for an entitlement mentality and grace us with the revelation of being grateful for what we have.  



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