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VFNRadio Second Hour February 18, 2014


Terror Attack on Israel funded by the Palestinians?
LISTEN NOW! John and Pat discuss the terror attacks that that occurred in Sinai which resulted in South Korean tourist who visited Israel to be injured and some to be killed.  CBN reports that “Islamists targeted a tour bus of South Koreans as it neared the Taba border crossing between Egypt and Israel on Sunday.  Members of the terrorists posted a statement on al Qaeda-affiliated websites, calling Sunday’s bombing part of an “economic war” against the army-backed government.” They continue to discuss how Israel is fighting the war on terror on many fronts with Islamist terrorists setting off bomb attacks to come against the economy which is hugely dependent on tourism, as well as having 170,000 missiles aimed at her.  They further discuss how in a separate case a recent report by the Palestinian Media Watch group reported that “terrorists planned attacks in order to be imprisoned and receive a salary by the Palestinian Authority.    They continue to report that the Palestinian Authority pays a salary to those who planned attacks on Israel and are imprisoned in an Israeli prison.  The more time they are in prison the more money they receive while in prison and when they are released.  According to the Blaze PMW “reported last week to the British Parliament that the Palestinian Authority distributed more than $100 million to convicted terrorists in 2013.  They continue to discuss the constant and increasing pressure Israel is in to defend themselves as they live continually in the crossfire of their enemies.  They encourage us to pray for Israel and to support those organizations that stand for Israel like Christians United for Israel and The Daily VFNRadio Program and VFNtv.  We must not be uninformed so that we will not remain silent.
Fathers Sue the State of Utah; Mothers Giving up their Babies for Adoption without Fathers Consent?
 John and Pat discuss how fathers are suing the State of Utah over a law that allows mothers to secretly give up their babies for adoption without the biological father’s consent or sometimes even their knowledge according to Fox News.  They share how women all over the country are beginning to move to Utah to give birth so they can give their children up for adoption.  “Wes Hutchins, the attorney for the men, says he is very pro-adoption, having served as a president of the Utah Adoption Council and currently serving as president of the Utah Council for Ethical Adoption Practices. But, he said, “adoptions need to be done ethically, legally and constitutionally. And above all, they need to be done with the consent and the knowledge and the awareness of both biological parents.”  They share the account of one father who spent 10 years and $30,000 to lose custody.  They further discuss the importance of fathers’ rights and the role they play in the lives of their children.  The best parent is always both parents but when you have a situation in which one of the parents doesn’t want their child then they should not have the right to give the child up for adoption without the other parent’s consent.  The Bible tells us that the reason for marriage is to produce Godly offspring and we also know that one day we will all have to give an account as to what we did with the entrustments the Lord has given us.  The best way for us to avoid tomorrow’s regrets today is by being a man or woman of God that not only our children can emulate but who understand that what they do with their children matters to God.
On the Journey of Understanding the limitless Depths of God’s Love
 Pat and John discuss the journey of understanding the limitless depths of God’s love.  Pat shares the importance of not just knowing in our heads but rather the need for this revelation to take the 18 inch journey from our heads down to our hearts.  They continue to discuss that the Bible records all the many things Jesus did like signs, wonders, miracles, healings and teachings yet the most important thing Jesus did was to die for our sins.  It would matter very little if Jesus did everything else but die for our sins.  They further discuss the journey they are on to fully understand the depths of God’s love for them as they seek to love others with that same love.  When you truly know in your heart that God loves you nothing else matters.
The Greatest Promise God Has Given You
 John and Pat discuss the greatest promise God has given you.  They continue to discuss how all creation speaks to us today but one has to take the time to stop, look, see and appreciate what God has done.  Jeremiah 29:13 tells us that “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  God promises us that when we take the time and effort to diligently seek Him out He will in turn reward us for seeking him by allowing Himself to be found by us however, it matters that we seek him with all of our heart.  God’s desire is to reward our diligent pursuit of Him.  When we find Him we have found everything that he embodies and truly begin to walk out a relationship with a God that desires to have a relationship with us.




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