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Home » VFNRadio Second Hour February 24, 2014

VFNRadio Second Hour February 24, 2014


Looking for those who say “Thank You”
LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat discuss the importance of looking for someone who says “thank you” as they share the power of having an attitude of gratitude.  They share the quest to look for someone who is grateful to God for what He is doing in their life.  It’s important to know that just because God is doing things in people’s lives doesn’t mean that they are actually grateful.  They continue to share how one of the first and beginning steps toward God’s judgment is when people fail to be grateful.   God is the one who gives us everything.  Romans 1: 21 tells us that “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. “ They continue to discuss how we should continue to do good for people but look for those who say “thank you” to God; those who appreciate what he is doing for them.  They will encourage you to go back and to minister to 10 others who are not grateful.  They also discuss how they have seen how God has provided for so many and how in just 30 days some forget all the Lord has done.  They were so fearful in what God might not do that they fail to recognize what God has and is doing.  They encourage those who are ministering to those who are not grateful that they may have to step out once or twice a week and pray for those who will recognize and see that you may be encouraged.  They continue to discuss how an account of soldiers in WWII that came upon imprisoned Jews that when a soldier offered one of them piece of candy and a smile the ladies face just lit up.  She was grateful for just a kind look.  They continue to discuss that if you live in America you are richer than 75 % of people in the world.  God alone is the one who did this and allowed the blessings to come upon this land and with all these blessings we are not even saying “thank you”.  God is faithful to the faithless.  They encourage us never to underestimate God’s love, forgiveness, and mercy.  They urge us to look for those who are grateful. Ungrateful people only remember what God did last week and that for a moment.  However, those who are grateful acknowledge God and to others what God has done for them.  You will be encouraged when you find these people, those who live in a continual state of thanks.  Don’t be taken down by those who may be around you who refuse to be grateful to God look, search and find those who are grateful and thankful and pray for them love them and watch how encouraged you will be.  They further share about the ten lepers that had leprosy.  Jesus healed all ten but only one came back to thank Jesus and glorified God with a loud voice.  Those are the ones you are looking for. 
Is Technology Making Us Ignorant?

 Greg and Pat discuss whether technology is making us technically ignorant.   They discuss now technology can be a blessing while at the same time be a curse.  They further discuss the importance of getting a biblical perspective of technology.  They talk about an interview Malak had with the founder of Square technology.  In the article Malak discusses google maps and how technology has taken away our ability to feel.   They discuss Malaks comments regarding a time prior to the technology we have today that he can remember a time when he could remember over 200 phone numbers and now he is not able to and also he recounted a time when he had a good grasp of a layout of a city but now he is not able to.  It was interesting to hear his take regarding how we are losing our human capabilities to machines.  They share how this man gets it.  We are losing our human capabilities.  They share a time when they themselves remembered having so many phone numbers in their mind but today they are not able to do it.  They share how technology is great however we need be able to use technology without losing ourselves.  How do we maintain our relationship with God and technology.  However, if technology comes between you and your relationship with God you have to let technology go.  We must remember that technology has the capabilities we are just able to search.  You can’t have a virtual relationship with God.  You much be able to have true relationship with God and His word.  The Puritans were able to experience God when they were able to abide in His word.  They share their own journey from using a paper planning systems to using technology.  Although it seemingly appeared that they could do a lot more, in reality things were moving too fast.  They discuss how so many today don’t have anything written down and when the switch gets flipped they won’t know what to do.  Although we can read a digital Bible they encourage us to read a paper Bible.  There is something about handling a tangible Bible.  They share that if America was unplugged would you lose everything God said and shared with you.  They urge us to take the time to abide with God with a pen and paper and journal what God shares with you.  


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