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Home » Answered Prayer: German Homeschool Family Granted “special” status to remain in America

Answered Prayer: German Homeschool Family Granted “special” status to remain in America


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss a recent answer to prayer it has just been made known that the German family, the Romeiki’s have just been granted indefinite deferred action status.  Up until this moment the Romeiki’s were seeking asylum in the United States.  CBN reports that “In 2008, the Romeike family fled Germany because the state threatened to take their children away if they did not enroll them in public school. In 2013, the Justice Department argued in the Romeike case that home schooling is not a fundamental human right. The department filed suit to have them sent back to Germany.  It almost went to the Supreme Court but the court refused to hear the case.  They continue to discuss why our country would give this family such a hard time when our same country has allowed countless illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. although they do not pledge allegiance to the U.S. especially those who are committing crimes.  Although they have to abide by the terms of their new status and if caught committing any crime known and unknown they can be in jeopardy of being sent back, they expressed their gratitude to God for allowing the Romeiki family to remain in the United States. 


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