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Home » It Seems Right; LET’S JUST DO IT?

It Seems Right; LET’S JUST DO IT?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss in this abiding moment how many feel that if it seems right; they should just do it.  They continue to discuss the approach of two of Israel’s Kings; King David and King Hezekiah.  It seemed right to David that when bringing in  the ark of the covenant that it should be brought in with singing, dancing, and closely guarded with two of his best men.  It also seemed right to one of David’s men that when the oxen stumbled to reach out his hand to steady the ark and for that action he was struck dead.  They continued to discuss that although David did what seemed right to him it ultimately was not right before God.  This is in contrast to what King Hezekiah did when he approached the things of God and how he made certain decisions.  King Hezekiah began to teach people the word of God and he sent heralds out to tell the people to consecrate themselves before they celebrate the Passover.  Some didn’t take too kind to that and they began to scorn the messengers.  Hezekiah wanted to do the same thing David did in terms of bringing God’s people into the presence of God.  However, the people scorned the messengers almost much like what is being done today with so many believers polling people to find out what they think ; finding enough people who will agree with them instead of them finding out what God’s word says.  That did not affect Hezekiah because he was focused on what God’s word says.  Hezekiah moved with the people who agreed with God that this was good.  He found out what God’s word said and did it God’s way.  Hezekiah had compassion and began asking God to forgive the priest for their sins.  They continue to discuss what they observed in King Hezekiah’s life that just because things seemed good you just can’t run with it; you need to study God’s word and find out what God’s word says about it.  There is an order when it comes to doing things for God; it’s completely God’s way.   He is a holy God; a consuming fire and He will shake the whole earth to teach righteousness.  The truth is not everybody will follow God and they may even ridicule you and scorn you but take it as confirmation and love those who ridicule you.  Don’t get bitter you must love the church; the presence of the Lord will come if we do this after all that is our heart’s desire; His presence.

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David Doing What Seemed Right, Hezekiah Doing What’s Right

1 Chronicles 13, 2 Chronicles 30-31

Tags: David, tabernacle, Hezekiah, abiding, big wheels, order

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