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Home » Redefining the Vocabulary in Leadership?

Redefining the Vocabulary in Leadership?


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss redefining of vocabulary especially in leadership.  Recently the CEO of Facebook, Cheryl Sandberg, has launched a campaign to have the word “bossy” removed from our vocabulary in terms of how it is used towards women.  They continue to discuss how there is a strategy to remove everything that is right.  There used to be a day when it was a good thing to be called the boss.  They further discuss how there needs to be order in the home as is described in God’s Word.  This is obviously has nothing to do in with intellect as both spouses and gender have intelligence.  However, it is about what God has established.  If you have talent no matter what people call or don’t call you it can never be taken away.  They give an example regarding combat women in the military.  Men are in a dilemma.  They discuss a combat training exercise called the fighting stick.  Both combatants take hold of the stick and the one who takes sole possession of the stick is the winner.  The man faces a dilemma because all his life he has been taught to honor women and if he hurts the woman that would not be good but also at the same time if she beats him it will not be socially acceptable.  It’s hard for a man to find his place because in certain instances when he tries to honor a woman by opening the door now that is a bad thing.  If you are bossy that’s okay.  It’s more important that you fix yourself first before trying to fix the world.


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