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Home » VFNRadio First Hour March 04,2014

VFNRadio First Hour March 04,2014

        Our Children Matter in and out of the Womb
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how important our children are in and out of the womb.  They continue to discuss the story of a German family that fled Germany and sought asylum in the United States.  Their story is one of great importance as the country of Germany want to be in complete control of the children and have made it illegal to homeschool children.  This family wanted to teach their children about God and objected to what the German schools were teaching them.  The parents refused to send their children to school only to have the government enter their house in the dark of night and physically removed the children.  After some time the family was able to make it out of Germany with their children and fled to the United States.  After some time in the United States and seeking asylum in the U.S. and to no avail their case finally made it as far as being able to be heard on the Supreme Court level and yet again nothing has been done for them.  The family eventually had to go back to Germany.  They continue to discuss how just because things may be legal does not mean they are moral.  They further discuss how they are seeing more and more how the African American community has had to deal with unjust treatment fully understanding how God is the one in complete control and why they believe the prophetic word given regarding how God was going to use African Americans in the last day move of God.  They further encourage us to pray for this German family as we are seeing an onslaught on our children.  In America this attack on our children took a drastic turn in 1973 with the Roe vs. Wade court decision that made abortions, murdering of babies, legal.  Since that time it is estimated that 55 million plus babies have been murdered, the population of 25 of the least populated states in America.  The enemy has robbed many of the true blessings of family and the joy to conceive children.  They continue to discuss a recent happening in a suburb community in which an unwed teenage girl gave birth to a child put the child in a plastic bag and threw the baby away.  It was only after the girl went to the hospital to try to convince them that she had some internal bleeding that the truth was discovered that this young girl gave birth to a child that was thrown away to die in plastic bag.  The child was eventually found gasping for breath and ultimately died.  There are many that want to charge this young lady with murder but could it be that this young lady has been confused for the last forty days by how adults and those in our government who have legalized murder in the form of abortion.  If the doctor killed the baby in the womb he would actually receive money and be free but if you kill a baby out of the womb you will be charged with murder.  We must take responsibility before God and end this hypocrisy.  Children are sign that we are blessed.  Dear God, end abortion; send revival!
Self- Reliant = Self Destruction?
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how self- destruction often awaits those who are self-reliant.  Today, the Russian President has essentially invaded the country of Ukraine and has 16 thousand troops in Ukraine.  Things are happening so fast for a nation like the Ukraine who just wanted democracy.  They have been on this journey for a long time.  They have been so fed up with tyrannical leadership they even pulled down Stalin’s statue. Ukraine at that time was considered the bread basket and they thought they would be okay because they were able to grow their own food.  They had become self-reliant and thought they could take care of themselves.  What ultimately happened was that Stalin came down with soldiers and starved the Ukrainian people to death.  They were confident because they were self-reliant.  As Christians our hope and dependency needs to be in God alone; relying on ourselves is pride. God is the one in Acts 17 who has determined the exact time and place we are to live that we may reach out to Him although He is not far.  God wants us to reach out to Him; not our company or unions but to fully rely on God. It never really goes well for those who are self-reliant.  God can deliver our nation; it’s a minor thing if we repent and turn back to Him. 
        Health Care is Evolving? What does the Future look like and Christian Health Care Alternatives

 John, Greg, and Pat discuss how healthcare is evolving as they discuss what the future looks like and the alternatives that are available for Christians.  The continue to discuss a recent article written by the alleged architect of the affordable health care act, former President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, brother of Ezekiel Emanuel.   The article entitled “Insurance Companies as we know them are about to die and here’s what is going to replace them”, was featured in the New Republic.  In this article Ezekiel writes “The good news is you won’t have insurance companies to kick around much longer. The system is changing. As a result, insurance companies as they are now will be going away. Indeed, they are already evolving. For the next few years insurance companies will both continue to provide services to employers and, increasingly, compete against each other in the health insurance exchanges. In that role they will put together networks of physicians and hospitals and other services and set a premium. But because of health care reform, new actors will force insurance companies to evolve or become extinct. The accountable care organizations (ACOs) (which I discuss in Chapter 8 of my new book) and hospital systems will begin competing directly in the exchanges and for exclusive contracts with employers.”  Ezekiel is literally telling us that insurance companies will be no more and they themselves have to evolve to in order to play a role in the new emerging health care industry the will compromise ACO’s, Accountable Care Organizations, that encompass networks of physicians and hospitals working together.    In his new book, Reinventing American Health Care: How the Affordable Care Act will improve our Terribly Complex, Blatantly Unjust, Outrageously Expensive, Grossly Inefficient, Error Prone System lays out how this will all work.  They continue to discuss that although there are many things that are still unknown regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act there are some things have been known from the beginning, namely President Obama wanting the single payer option.  The single payer option is basically government paying for health care.  John and Greg both share experiences regarding health care and the challenges they and others have experienced when it came to our present health care system.  They encourage us to remember as Christians that we can believe and should desire a system that affords every citizen no matter their race or socio economic condition to be afforded the same health care as everyone else.   They continue to discuss how amazing it is to see how those who have “cheese” to criticize there are those who are standing in line who don’t have any.  We must have a system as Christians that looks after the elderly without taking advantage of them.  They further discuss some health care alternatives that Fox News is reporting that is available for Christians that would also be compliant with affordable health care standards.  Fox News reports that “With just weeks left to sign up for insurance on, a growing number of people are opting to enroll in a Christian alternative to traditional health insurance.  Nationwide networks of fellow believers help share each other’s major medical bills through what’s known as health care sharing ministries. “It works just like insurance. I have an insurance card. I show it just like anyone else would. I have a deductible. I have a monthly premium that I pay,” explained Eileen Wade, who joined the health care sharing ministry, Medi-Share, in 2011.”  The article continues to share how today the top three largest ministries have more than 242,000 members across all 50 states in America who agree to live by a biblical lifestyle meaning regular church attendance, no drugs, tobacco, or sex outside of marriage, and limited alcohol consumptions.  They continue to share testimonies of how care share ministries such as  Medi-share have worked to care for the needs of their members.  They further discuss the limitless possibilities before the church if the 97% who are not tithing, according to George Barna, began to tithe.  They discuss how Christians can begin to build hospitals to serve the needs of God’s people.  The Lord can and will provide for us as we turn our hearts and honor him with our obedience.  


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