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Home » Anniversary of the Boston Bombing: Was this the beginning of the Arab Winter?

Anniversary of the Boston Bombing: Was this the beginning of the Arab Winter?

by Jose Bastos Silva

LISTEN NOW Greg, John, and Pat discuss the anniversary of the Boston bombing and how it might have been the beginning of the Arab winter.  They discussed that during the catastrophe of 9-11 many did not stop or pause for the tragic event that just unfolded but continued to work business as usual.  Many didn’t know what to do but by listening to the Lord we will get insight.  During the time we were contemplating relocating to Texas when suddenly on April 15, 2013 as they were coming to the finish line two young men, who had been trained up by the “peaceful” Islamic religion detonated a bomb that hurt many people.  They continue to discuss that once our nation was hit you saw the unity among first responders to Congress.   They continue to discuss how Greg had a vision 5 days prior to this bombing of a bombing on a sidewalk.  He saw an explosion that was so loud that even in the vision be began to look for collateral damage.  The day of the bombing was when the shift of America happened.  God continued to unfold His strategy as to what would be taking place in our country in regards to hub states and apostolic centers and with what the Lord revealed that we indeed did not have to move but instead shifted the city and region where we were called to remain.  The future holds times that will try men’s souls. Pat Robertson, of the “700 Club”, interviewed author and expert Robert Spencer who “says that attack marked a resurgence of Islamic jihad on American soil.  When the “Arab Spring” revolutions began in Tunisia and Egypt in 2011, many in the West hailed the uprisings as the beginning of a new era of democracy and pluralism in the Middle East.”  Robert Spencer is the author of the book Arab Winter Comes to America: The truth about the War we’re in.  Robert underscores the importance he shares in his book when he communicates how we can’t defeat an enemy we don’t understand.  In this interview with Pat Robertson they discuss the influence of CAIR on the Obama administration.  They urge us to remain watchful and prayerful as we are approaching the 18 month time period of the four blood moons.

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Expert Warns of America’s Coming ‘Arab Winter’

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2 Chronicles 7:13-15

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