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Home » It’s time to Use what you Have for God; Even if it is an Ox’s Goad

It’s time to Use what you Have for God; Even if it is an Ox’s Goad


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how it’s time to use what you have; even if what you have in your hand is an ox’s goad.  Greg shares how he was given an Ox goad by a spiritual brother in the Lord, Pastor Jack Hollis.  Jack taught a message about a man named, Shamar, who was under attack and all he had was an ox goad to defend Israel, Judges 3:31.  They continue to ask what are you going to do with what God has put in your hand.  Some say that they would do more if they had more but they caution us to do something less we do nothing.  So many people are wasting their time doing very little or nothing with their time when they can take that same time and use whatever talent they have for God.  The truth is that if you are faithful with a little God will give you more. God will ask you what did you do with what I have entrusted to you?  Whatever God has given you is meant to give away and by giving it away you will get more.  All David had was 5 stones and a slingshot.  If it is from God he will anoint it.

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Matthew 25:14-30, Mark 12: 41-44

Tags: gifts, talents, faithfulness

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