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Bait and Switch Gospel?

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LISTEN NOW: Greg, John, and Pat discuss dangers of a bait and switch gospel.  Bait and Switch is when a company falsely advertises a product to get you in the door that they don’t have when you come in for it; instead they offer you something else and thus, the switch.  There are those who are preaching out of the same Bible, but when you show up, it’s different.  God is real. Many are preaching and sharing about a God of power but when the people show up there is no power or presence, just programs and religion.  They continue to discuss how they don’t want to be anywhere God’s presence is not manifesting.  They discuss that if you continue to go where God is not present, it’s not going to be good for you.  According to George Barna, 81 % of believers don’t even read the Word of God. How will you know then if you have been switched?  They discuss how things can get confusing when you continue to see people continue to go to a place like everything is normal and right causing you to question what is obvious to you; there is no power here.  If bait and switch is illegal in our society and is defined as a crime one can only imagine how God feels about a “bait and switch” gospel.  This has eternal consequences. Jesus told us a long time ago that wide is the road that leads to destruction.  It’s totally okay to be loyal to God and not to settle to be anywhere where He is not present and glorified.

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Revelation 3:19-20, Matthew 7:13-14

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