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The Journey of Faith

Courtesy of Netfalls – Remy Musser/

LISTEN NOW!  Steve, John, and Pat share about the journey that the disciples walked out as they were alongside Jesus. After 3 years of walking with Jesus, they had to be reminded about the things Jesus spoke to them about after only 3 days without him. This is just like the days we spend abiding with Jesus. It is time with Jesus that lifts our faith, giving us the ability to see as Jesus does. Find out the significance of abiding and not abiding and so much more. Also shared in this segment: faith, unbelief, compassion, and maturity.

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God Remembers, the Disciples See, Mary Magdalene Sees, More Disciples See, Do Not Waiver

Psalm 103:13-14, John 16:25-30, John 20:11-16, Luke 24:13-35, Romans 4:19-20 

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