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VFNRadio First Hour May 12, 2014


Prophetic Warning Foretold- More things to come in
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the prophetic warning that foretold much of what we are beginning to see unfold in Pensacola today.   They talk about the prophetic word that unfolded over a seven year period of time.  The prophecy was given on June 10, 2013 before the county commissioners at an Escambia County Board Meeting.  The prophetic word chronicles a ten year stretch of time regarding things that have happened and things that were to come. Some of which we are experiencing today.    
In this recorded prophetic word shared with county commissioners, Greg reviews what he presented to the commissioners at a prior time and shortly after that, four commissioners were removed from office.   Greg shares about more things that were revealed to him that were to come after the financial storm our nation is going through.  He said people would come to the commissioners and begin to make demands upon them financially and that finances would be tough.  He further prayed that God would grant them wisdom regarding all the future decisions they would have to make on behalf of the citizens of Escambia county.  Greg shares how just seven days from releasing that word to the County Commissioners a constitutional officer came before them making financial demands of them and as a result the county jail was their responsibility again.   As of today, and as a result of the storm and flooding, a gas leak at the county jail, according to the Pensacola News Journal caused an explosion resulting in two individuals’ death, three that are unaccounted for and close to 150 injured.  They discuss the importance of listening to God when He is speaking.  The tragic weather events of Biblical proportions that resulted in countless vehicles that flooded and even reports of people going to their attics to avoid drowning in areas that have never flooded before.  This is a physical battle even law enforcement were grounded. Everything stopped.  They continued to discuss how God does speak. 

Dangerous Droughts in the Midwest fulfillment of Prophecy

Greg, John, and Pat discus the dangerous droughts in the Midwest are fulfillment of prophecy.  They discuss how the drought is so bad in Texas the foundations of homes are cracking.  The drought extends all the way to LA and to Boise Idaho.  These droughts are right in step with what John Paul Jackson prophesied in the perfect storm.   It appears to be something that is quite major.  If this continues to persist life can be quite difficult especially when 2% of the population grows food for the other 98%.  That is a long way to go when you consider a drought lasting a very long time.  Please continue to pray for the people in the affected region of the country. 
An Agnostic interviews  an Atheist : You can’t Figure God out in Your Mind
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss how an agnostic interviewed an atheist and the futile quest of trying to figure God out with a small mind.  Barbara Ehrenreich wrote the book “Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever’s Search for the Truth about Everything”.  The truth is that only a fool says there is no God.  God’s truth frustrates the intellect and all attempts to figure God out in your mind go nowhere.  The more darkness is present the more people go to their heads.  You can die in your head.  Your brain is not your savior.  Your mind is something that needs to be renewed.  God is God. Your mind is not your God.  They continue to discuss how the author spent 60 years in her head.  God really cares about these people.  You simply can’t find God in your head.  You go after God with faith.  It’s not that your mind is bad but your mind must submit to God.



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