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VFNRadio First Hour May 29, 2014


World Cup in Brazil: One Goal 12 Houses of Prayer 1000 Women and Children Rescued from Human Trafficking- Will You Pray?
Greg, John, and Pat share about an impacting ministry, Exodus Cry that is a driving force seeking to end the existence of human trafficking. It is said that there are more slaves in the world today, than ever before. One encounter with a woman trapped in the clutches of human trafficking has caused a momentous response of outreach to change the lives of those who are affected by slavery. Join us in this discussion as we look behind the veil of this heart breaking reality and so much more. Also shared in this segment: the World Cup, hair stylists, IHOP-KC, orphans, and prayer.
Supporting Ministry In Israel – Dugit Ministry
Greg, John, and Pat share how the supporters of VFNRadio and the Daily Radio Program are directly impacting Israel: Dugit Ministries. By partnering, sponsoring, and supporting VFNRadio you are partnering with Dugit Ministries. Learn how you are making a difference in the Holy Land and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the poor, and prayer.
Washington DC is a House of Cards
Greg, John, and Pat share a prophetic word that has just been released by the voice of God. Everything being seen in Washington D.C, our government, this whole thing is a house of cards. In a recent round table meeting, President Obama, had these remarks: “I’m just wondering if we brought the advanced copy of the ‘House of Cards’…….well I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient. It’s true, it’s like Kevin Spacey, this guy is getting a lot of stuff done.”  What does the Bible say about the severe tragedies? What comes out of those moments? Be encouraged as you find out what God’s purpose is and how you can respond and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Babylon, CEOs, New York City, partying, Great Awakening, jealousy.




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