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VFNRadio Second Hour May 12, 2014


An Agnostic interviews  an Atheist : You can’t Figure God out in Your Mind
LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss how an agnostic interviewed an atheist and the futile quest of trying to figure God out with a small mind.  Barbara Ehrenreich wrote the book “Living with a Wild God: A Nonbeliever’s Search for the Truth about Everything”.  The truth is that only a fool says there is no God.  God’s truth frustrates the intellect and all attempts to figure God out in your mind go nowhere.  The more darkness is present the more people go to their heads.  You can die in your head.  Your brain is not your savior.  Your mind is something that needs to be renewed.  God is God. Your mind is not your God.  They continue to discuss how the author spent 60 years in her head.  God really cares about these people.  You simply can’t find God in your head.  You go after God with faith.  It’s not that your mind is bad but your mind must submit to God.
 UCLA BRUINS – Promise not to GO on Free or Sponsor for Pro Israel Lobbying Trip
 Greg, John, and Pat discuss a recent article in the Daily Bruin as they report that a majority of USAC candidates signed joint ethics statements  promising not to go on free or sponsored trips with certain pro- Israel  lobbying organizations.  They encourage candidates not to take a power position when you have to give up power before you get in.  They continue to discuss that when you tell people that you cannot go to Israel that is anti-Semitism which is really racism.  Where is the outrage?  If these same statements and petitions were aimed toward Muslims and encouraging people not to go to Mecca we can expect there we would be an outcry.  You just simply can’t write off Israel like that. This is exactly what happened at the Democratic National Convention when recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was taken out of their platform and booed when they voted to bring it back in.  This same evil still exist today.  We must have no part of anti-Semitism and anything that threatens Israel’s existence. 
Bait and Switch Gospel?  Is the church falsely advertising power?
Greg, John, and Pat discuss dangers of a bait and switch gospel.  Bait and Switch is when a company falsely advertises a product to get you in the door that they don’t have when you come in for it; instead they offer you something else and thus, the switch.  There are those who are preaching out of the same Bible, but when you show up, it’s different.  God is real. Many are preaching and sharing about a God of power but when the people show up there is no power.  They continue to discuss how they don’t want to be anywhere God’s presence is not manifesting.  They discuss that if you continue to go where God is not present, it’s not going to be good for you.  According to George Barna, 81 % of believers don’t even read the Word of God. How will you know then if you have been switched?  They discuss how things can get confusing when you continue to see people continue to go to a place like everything is normal and right causing you to question what is obvious to you; there is no power here.  If bait and switch is illegal in our society and is defined as a crime one can only imagine how God feels about a “bait and switch” gospel.  This has eternal consequences. Jesus told us a long time ago that wide is the road that leads to destruction.  It’s totally okay to be loyal to God and not to settle to be anywhere where He is not present and glorified. 
Egyptian Christians Are Being Murdered by Radical Muslims
Greg, John, and Pat discuss how Egyptian Christians are being murdered by radical Muslims according to reports by CBN.    They discuss how it has been said that Islam is a peaceful religion when in fact many Muslim acts of terror prove otherwise.  Islamist terrorist Boko Haram is a good example as he credits Allah for the kidnapping of over 200 Christian Nigerian school girls.  They discuss how we see many celebrities and people of influence campaigning to save the girls but there has been no visible condemnation noticed by them by other Muslims because Boko Haram is doing what the Koran teaches.  It’s a very repressive religion.  If you can’t convert them smite them.  Islam has done a good job integrating Islam into the people that they feel like they are talking about them and not Islam.  When you promote Islam you are doing the very thing that promotes repressing Muslims.  This is exactly what our president did when you he spoke in Cairo Egypt empowering the Muslim Brotherhood, a group of Muslims that were not even accepted by Egypt’s president at the time.  The question still remains; “Is America under judgment?”  We need to stand with everyone that is persecuted especially the Jews and the Christians. 




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