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VFNRadio Second May 26, 2014



Russia Most Christian Nation in Europe? We’ve talked about being Global Citizens but maybe our focus needs to be on being a Global Christian
Greg, John, and Pat share about a new perspective of headline nation Russia. Often, there is a tendency to respond to a nation based on its leadership and not what is happening within that nation. Within the last 20 years, Russia has transitioned from a “godless nation” to the nation with the most believers in Russia. In the changing times, being a global citizen is a given. As the church, we must look at the nations as Global Christians. Find out how this perspective is so important and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Ronald Reagan, Suzanne Massey, McDonalds, Francis Chan, and the economy. 
T.D. Jakes on Race and Religion: God is not Color Blind
Greg, John, and Pat have an insightful conversation discussing T.D. Jakes’ perspective on race and religion in culture. Interviewer, John Jessup asks the question “Is the church hour the most segregated hour?” God is not color blind. We must become students of one another. Find out the importance of this vital topic and so much more. Also shared in this segment: race, religion, demons, Spanish, and color blindness. 
Elliot Rodgers Shooting Rampage; because He didn’t Get what he Wanted and Thought He Deserved?
Greg, John, and Pat share about the saddening tragedies of the massacre in California. Similar to what happened in Washington D.C., virtual murder was carried out before it was played out physically ultimately ending lives and affecting the lives of so many others. The answer amidst such devastation is to preach Jesus. What happened when Jesus encountered a man named Legion? Find out how we can respond to those around us and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Legion, Grand Theft Auto, DC shooter, idolatry, and the light. 
Six Things Churches can do to the End Sex Trafficking
John, Greg, and Pat discuss an epidemic that is happening across the globe, human trafficking, and what we can do about it. Without context we cannot see how this dot connects to this dot. Releasing intercessors, raising awareness, building relationships and networks can affect these tragedies for the good. Find out about the ministries that are making a positive impact and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Exodus Cry, Underground Railroad, the Super Bowl, and the World Cup.



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