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Home » Watch: LOOK UP From Your Phone VIDEO; Experience Real Life You were Meant for More

Watch: LOOK UP From Your Phone VIDEO; Experience Real Life You were Meant for More


LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss a video called “Look Up” which addresses the social media craze that has left a majority of people addicted to their smart phones all the while missing opportunities to experience real life.  Many people today are addicted to virtual things instead of reality.  Today we have bought into a narrative that allows our life not only to be documented but tracked as well.  There are no true relationships anymore and many have settled to believe that because their social media page says they have “x” number of friends that those “friends” are real.  The video and poem are done so creatively and make such a poignant point.  We have dumbed down our lives so that we can have smart phones and perceive connectivity in our hands.  Many people today are totally disconnected from real relationships.  Most don’t have their own wisdom or knowledge and most of what they know came from a piece of technology that was connected to the internet.  The church is no different and is experiencing the loss of marriage and family relationships.  They caution us to be in charge of technology.  Don’t submit to technology, make technology submit to you.  Life is very short, unplug and look up and pursue meaningful relationships and truly begin to experience a real life not one that is made up of virtual connections.;%20Experience%20Real%20Life%20You%20were%20Meant%20for%20More.mp3

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