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House Church or CHURCH that meets in the House: A Big Difference!

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LISTEN NOW! Greg, Pat, and John have an encouraging conversation as Greg shares the journey that the Lord led him on where many truths were learned. God’s expectation of you as the Church doesn’t change regardless of where you are or where you meet. When we look into the Bible, there are clear differences that can be seen in the present day church. The fastest form of winning souls for the Lord is discussed according to Peter Wagner. It’s all about family and being rightly related in relationship with family. Be emboldened as you find God may be calling you on the same journey that Greg shares and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Peter Wagner, flower pots, cappuccinos, Holy Spirit, and evangelism.

http://vfntv.com/media/audios/highlights/2014/jun/6-17-14/61714HL-5%20House% 20Church%20or%20CHURCH%20that%20meets%20in%20the%20House%20Big%20Difference- .mp3

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