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VFNRadio Second Hour June 11, 2014


VFNRadio Second Hour June 11, 2014


Why? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; We are called to love our Brothers

Greg, John, and Pat discuss – Why? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.we are called to love our brothers.  They continue to share how the greatest tragedy is to remain silent in the face of injustice.  This is not a sound byte but rather how Dr. King lived and how we are to live.  We must begin to teach all of America’s history.  They continued to discuss how many didn’t recognize Jesus when he walked about the face of the earth because they were expecting Jesus to arrive in a different way.  They further discussed how two men’s hearts burned when they thought they were just talking to a man but was later revealed that they were indeed speaking with Jesus.  What would happen if Jesus came to us in a different nationality? Would we embrace him? Rick Joyner shared a prophetic word that stated that African Americans would be used in a mighty way to usher in the third great awakening.   Why Dr. King?Because as an American Apostle his words still burn in our hearts some fifty years after he originally shared his now famousI have a dream speech.  If we don’t love our brother how can we say we love God?  The world sees another ethnicity but we see another brother.  Also shared in this segment: Injustice, Silence, History, Ammeus Road, Rick Joyner, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Apostle, and Love.

Vision Speaks

Greg, John, and Pat share about the importance of vision.  When you have vision and you write it down others can actually run with it.  Jacob showed us how just by putting sheep and goats in front of vision, they produce.  Habakkuk 2:2 tells us “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.”  It’s time to imitate those who have gone before us. 

Two Types of Wisdom; it matters which one you choose

Greg, John and Pat discuss the two types of wisdom and the importance of choosing the right one in your life.  They continue to share that there is an earthly wisdom and a heavenly wisdom.  When we give ourselves to earthly wisdom instead of heavenly wisdom we find all sorts of disorder in marriages, families, ministry, etc…  Godly wisdom is pure, peaceful, considerate and submissive.  We are going to have to trust God in people.  We mustn’t control people but allow the Holy Spirit to lead them.    Allow people to leave you.  Let go of the control.  If you can’t bring order into your life you need heavenly wisdom. 




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