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VFNRadio Second Hour June 20, 2014


 VFNRadio Second Hour June 20, 2014


Discipline awaits the one who leaves the path

In this moment of wisdom found in Proverbs 15:10, Stern discipline awaits him how leaves the path; he who hates correction will die.  Greg shares how there is a path for believers, Christians.  They are not to be nomads wandering everywhere but there is to be some predictability.  However in order to stay on the path and know when you get off of it or choose to leave it you must know what it is. It’s how you live your life; it’s something that comes out of your heart.  God’s word is a lamp to help keep us on the path.    America has left the path and stern discipline awaits it unless America repents.  Stay on the path.

There is Power in our Weakness

Pat, Greg, and John share about how the Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:5-10 he will boast in his weaknesses.  Paul recognized that the thorn in his flesh was ultimately a blessing but because when he is weak God is strong.  They continue to discuss this may be the reason many in the church lack power, because they are not willing to share and be open about their weakness so God can get all the glory.  It’s not about trying harder but rather about putting our trust and dependence on God.  It’s time to exercise true humility that focuses on God rather than false humility where the focus is always on the person.    Rick Joyner said, “You are not ready until you are ready to be humiliated for the sake of the one who is humiliating you.”

God is doing something that If He told you; you wouldn’t believe it

Greg, John and Pat discus how God is doing something so amazing in our day that if He told us in its entirety we wouldn’t even believe it.  They continue to discuss how you still have to honor the old when God does a new thing.  You can’t put new wine in old wineskins but both are God.  God is establishing outpost, hubs, and apostolic centers if you will; that will be used to advance the Kingdom and will stand in the gap for those to connect and relate relationally and not legally.  Rick Joyner says the church is going to be so different the world won’t be able to connect to it.  Get ready for what God is doing and find your part. 

Life like Monopoly?

The federal government is now borrowing .46 cents of every dollar it spends and has a national debt of 16 trillion dollars.   Greg, John, and Pat liken what is happening today with the economy and how it intersects with our lives to the board game Monopoly.  At the end of the game one person dominates and the one who controls all the property and money wins and is able to control others.  However, this is not a game. This is for real when a communist country like China owns a great deal of American debt.  This is insane; we can’t mortgage our future. This all ends with “one man” owning everything and everyone else in servitude.




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