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VFNRadio Second Hour June 6, 2014



Don’t hinder those from entering in the Grace of God

Chris, John and Pat encourage us not to hinder anyone from entering the grace of God.   They continue to share from Luke 11:52 Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge, you yourselves have not entered and you have hindered those who were entering.  They discuss how the Pharisees were religious in their activity but were not godly in their lifestyles.  They were demanding of others what they themselves were not doing.  They continue to share the importance of making sure that our walk not only matches our talk but that we don’t do anything that would hinder anyone from the grace of God.

When your LIFE is in the Hands of the Lord; No Defense is needed

John and Pat share about how when your life is in the hands of the Lord; no defense is needed.  So many times people are tempted to defend themselves.  They don’t want to be wronged or mistreated.  Thy look down at taking the lesser role in any situation and they certainly don’t want to be taken advantage of.  However, the truth is that every time we try to defend ourselves, opinions, point of views, reputation and beliefs we are moving in pride.  We can either react or we can take time to respond.  Pride bows up to defend itself.  Humility involves speaking the truth in love even when we suffer a personal cost as a result.  If you are a believer your life is in the Lord’s hands and He has your back you don’t need to defend yourself.  The only person who is worthy to defend is Jesus; we need to yield to Him and entrust Him with our lives. 




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